Software Outsourcing Development Trends in 2022

Software Outsourcing Development Trends 2022

What is Software Outsourcing?

Software Outsourcing is a term referring to a practice of employing a third-party tech partner to handle software development on a company’s behalf. This common practice is on the rise since more and more businesses lack the necessary resources or skills to perform specific on-site IT requirements. This can vary greatly from such direct duties as planning or designing to more specialized tasks like software development.

  • To promote efficiency by hiring specialized experts with expertise or technology that are domestically unavailable;
  • To cut down on expenses since employing a remote company makes it possible for easy scalability (up or down) in response to changing demands.

What We Have Learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic took us by storm, leaving us in chaotic situations and long quarantine. Some industries especially tourism or air transportation suffered huge losses while most couldn’t help but remained downsized or even bankrupt. The whole world has faced the irrational apocalyptic fear due to the fast spreading of infection. This has caused a huge decline in consumer demand, supply chain disruption, and lockdowns; all of them have negatively affected the IT industry.

What Will be the Software Outsourcing Development Trends in 2022?

Let’s dive into the details of what we predict to be leading Software Outsourcing Development Trends of 2022.

Global Software Outsourcing — A Dominant Trend of Software Outsourcing

As the 4.0 era is present and technologically affects all business sectors, the need for software development is on the unstoppable rise. That being said, the reasons behind such a practice are convincing. More often than not, on-site software developers seem incompetent and incapable of completing certain software development projects. Moreover, the costs for employing technological equipment and specialists for a specific project exceed the financial limits of many companies, especially small-scale ones.

Remote Work on the Rise

Admittedly, remote working has risen to major popularity in recent years and remained the new norm in various industries. Those which haven’t taken advantage of this engagement model will soon adopt it for sure. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, it is easy to see that companies around the world opt to hire remote employees to improve efficiency and productivity. The Initialism “WFH” (work from home) is somewhat ubiquitous right now and really is a crucial choice for both companies and individuals.

High Demand for Cloud Services

Cloud computing services offer an extensive range of benefits and thus will continue to thrive. Upon utilizing these, companies will have no concerns about making an upfront investment in pricey hardware and will be able to make the best use of their resources to make other necessary investments.

Increased Popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed the whole digital world in many aspects. Although they come with certain pitfalls such as the potential for partiality, exploitation, and other employment issues, they bring various possibilities and solutions to address every aspect of business and our everyday lives.

Higher Demand for Blockchain Services

Thanks to Bitcoin, blockchain, a decentralized ledger, has gained a significant reputation. Such technology can make data instantaneous, shareable, and entirely transparent as access to the mentioned data requires specified permissions. This offers enhanced confidence, better efficiency and endless possibilities. A blockchain-based application can monitor financial transactions (purchases, payments, and balances), production, and a variety of other things.

Greater Needs for Cyber-security Specialists

One of the leading Software Outsourcing Development Trends is the higher demand for digital security experts.

Why Should You Choose HDWEBSOFT to Be Your Go-to Software Outsourcing Partner?

As one of the most reliable Software Outsourcing Partners from Vietnam, HDWEBSOFT has served a large number of worldwide customers for projects of all sizes and scopes. We guarantee to apply best-in-class Software Outsourcing Development Services to deliver the top value to our customers.

To Cut a Long Story Short

Obviously, 2022 will come with more chances for post-pandemic recovery and development for businesses and Software Outsourcing Partners alike. The IT industry will enjoy several Software Outsourcing Development Trends as more companies will opt for AI, cloud computing, blockchain technology, or digital security outsourcing companies in the future. In a sense, it’s advisable to arrange for implementation of at least one of these in your business. The best viable way to achieve such is to establish an offshore software development team.



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